RK Barnbuster


RK Barnbuster

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The RK Barnbuster

Prices start at $1750 for the standard Barnbuster as outlined in the description. Adding custom options or selecting the “Custom” Barnbuster option will possibly incur additional charges, with the final price determined by your specifications.

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Please call prior to purchasing to verify availability. 

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Selecting the Custom Barnbuster option will possibly incur additional charges, with the final price determined by your specifications.


In the 1800's buildings were commonly built using Heart Pine, Loblolly Pine, Louisiana Long Leaf pine, and a few other species known for their qualities. That lumber was dramatically different from the genetically modified lumber harvested today. Many of those buildings are “coming down” today, and the lumber, old and seasoned, is being reclaimed.

Jump forward to the mid 20 th century and an electronics repairman begins making Steel guitars. Within a few years, that expands into a unique concept for a Spanish Guitar, an electric one with a solid pine body, The Broadcaster, created by Leo, was born.

However, almost as soon as they became notable, Fender changed from Pine to Ash. Many reasons are cited, but the change was made. Pine fell into an almost 60 year slumber as a “tone wood”.

Pine has been awakened. More and more manufacturers are jumping on the “band wagon” carrying Pine bodied guitars. It makes a superb sounding instrument.

Today, it is generally recognized that older guitars produce the most amazing sounds. Why… Possibly it has to do with what happens as time passes. When lumber is purchased for a quality project, it has been dried, usually to below 12% moisture, but that only addresses water. The Resins, what we call sap here in the South, remains a gelatinous mass of goo locked within the cells, for years, for decades. Most of those resins take about 50 years to solidify. That in my opinion is why the older woods transmit a broader, fuller sound when played. There is no longer any goo, absorbing the sonic energy.

Since I began offering the BarnBuster, a few years back, several guitar pickers have contacted me, who own reclaimed lumber facilities. Thus the supply has not dried up.

I recently took delivery of two lots of lumber, some old ‘n gnarly, another equally old, but beautifully clear…. Is yours in one of these stacks?

Now, an adjustment in pricing. If you would like a standard Barn buster, the cost is $1650 shipped within the US.

If you wish to exercise options from a specific list, the cost is $1740 shipped.

And if you would like a Custom BarnBuster, with your choice of specs, they will begin at $1800, with the final price determined by your specifications. 

Specs for the Standard

Body: 100 year old Pine shaped to 1950 Broadcaster specs

Finish: Genuine Nitrocellulose Reticulated Satin Lacquer with natural amber tint.

Neck: one piece Maple with "Skunk Stripe". Vintage Tinted Nitrocellulose lacquer.

Fingerboard, 9.5 inch radius

Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo

Neck Contour: Vintage Fat Back, with hand lapped back, and fully polished headstock

Nut width: 1 5/8 inch

Nut: Natural Bone

Keys: Vintage Style Gotoh, 16:1 ratio

Bridge, Wilkinson Vintage style 3 saddles, compensated.

Pickups, Ron Kirn hand wound vintage style.

3 way traditional Tele switching.

Typical weight, 8 pounds


Classic C neck, 9.5 or 7.25 radius Medium Jumbo frets.

Soft V (Clapton V) 7.25 radius only.

Standard Wilkinson Bridge, or Gotoh Modern 6 saddle

3 way, or 4 way switching.