Welcome. I’m Ron Kirn, and I build custom guitars. My philosophy as I build them is, since they are custom, I let you choose what components you would like. It’s that simple.

I do things differently. For instance, if you have a favorite neck, pickups or whatever, I will gladly incorporate it into your new guitar. Or you may choose the components from which your guitar is created off an extensive list of components. Many made by the same exact manufacturers supplying the large guitar manufacturers.

For pricing, I don’t bury it somewhere obscure. A Tele type starts at $1750 and a Strat type starts at $1950. The final price depends on the choices you make, but rest assured, the difference in quality rests only in the components chosen. Close your eyes and you cannot tell the difference between the least expensive and a more exotic guitar.

Please read the details on exactly how I build 'em and why, peruse through the photos of others I have created, then let me know what I can do for you.



The RK Philosophy

"I try to build my guitars so when the curiosity gets the better of the owner, and they open ‘er up, what they see of my attention causes a moment of respect... for the fact that it looks like it was assembled by someone that gives a hoot."
- Ron Kirn


"Because I know sometime in the future, curiosity will get the better of the owner, and he will pop the lid. I want him to look in there and see, this ain’t no stinking "off the rack" guitar. Or, another thought, I don’t want to ever be in the same room with something I made and have to explain something goofy."
- Ron Kirn

 See for yourself in the Build Walkthroughs


Ron Kirn, published

5 Tele-Style Builders You Should Know, published in Premier Guitar Magazine, January 2009 Issue

Also in

Electrified: The Art of the Contemporary Electric Guitar, by Robert Shaw, p. 192


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Ron Kirn Templates are available on EBAY.
Ron Kirn Templates are sold by my son in law, Pierre Bellehumeur, the ONLY authorized dealer.